Chrysler V7.0

Update News  2020-03-18

New update for Chrysler V7.0 including as below:

ABS Bleed Brakes
ABS Initialization
ABS Static Test
ABS System Calibration
ABS Valve Calibration
ABSO Initialization
ACC Aim Mode - Auto Alignment
ACC Cutout Reasons Clear
ACC Post Service Flash Process
Accelerator Pedal Learn
Accessory Delay Time
Activate Driver and Passenger Head Restraint
Activate TPM High Gain Mode
Active Grill Shutter
Active Grill Shutter test
Active Grille Shutter Test
Actuate Drive Clutch Engage
Actuate Engine Battery Feed
Actuate Fuel Pump
Actuate Seat Recall
Actuate Transmission Relay
Actuator Calibration
Actuator Calibration Test
Adaptative parameter reset
Adaptative Parameters Reset
Adaptive Numerator Learn
Adaptive parameters reset
Add Navigation Radio
AFLS Calibration
Aim Test
Air conditioner relay command
Air Spring Circuit Test
Air-Conditioning Self Learning
Air-Conditioning Self-Learning
Align ACC Sensor
Alternator 2 Field Test
Alternator(s) Test
AMP Input Test
AMP Microphone Output Short Test
AMP Microphone Tone Test
AMP Output Short Test
AMP Software Test
AMP Tone Test
ANC Input Test
ANC Microphone Output Short Test
ANC Microphone Tone Test
ANC Output Short Test
ANC Tone Test
Antenna Loop Test
Anti Tilt Sensor Check
Anti_Theft Information
Anti-Theft Override Test
Atmosphere Valve Actuator Test
Audio Measure AC+DC
Audio signal detection
Audio System Test
Audio Test
Audio test for subwoofer specific
Audio Test Subwoofer specific
Audio video signal detection
Auto Door Lock
Auto Door Unlock
Auto High Beam Aim Test
Auto Wipers
Automatic Variant Coding (Restore ECU Config)
Auxiliary Fuel Filter Enable
BCM transfer secret key to ECM
Bleed Brake Procedure
Bleed Brakes
Bleed Brakes Verification Test
Bleed Hydraulic Circuit
Blinking Lights Configuration
Body Blinking Lights Configuration
BPCM Battery Data Report
Brake Pedal Calibration
Brake Sensor Zero Calibration
Brake Switch Learn
Calibrate AHLM
Calibrate Full Recline
Calibrate HFRM for Trailer Hitch
Calibrate HFSD for Running Boards
Calibrate Lifetime Energy Value
Calibrate Liftgate
Calibrate Liftgate Full Close Position
Calibrate Liftgate Full Open Position
Calibrate Stow
Cam Crank Relearn
CARB Readiness Status
Catalyst Efficiency Test
Change Country Code
Change Cruise Control Mode
Change Language Preference
Check Automatic Lights Sensor and Rain Sensors
Check PCM Odometer
Clear All Learned Seat Parameters
Clear DEF Pump Learned Offset Values
Clear DEF Pump Learned Offset Values.
Clear Engine Auto Restart Crank Counter
Clear KeySense PIN
Clear Learned Values
Clear Learned Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Counters
Clear Learned Variable Line Pressure Counters
Clear Misfire TLC
Clear Self Learning Data
Clear Self-Learning Data
Clear Steering Pull Compensation
Clear Stored Accumulated Fuel Mass
Clear TPM Sensor Audit
Clear TPM Sensor Rolls Test Results
Clear TPM Sensor Warnings
Clear TPM Warnings
Clear Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Counters
Close Door Test
Clutch Pedal Learn
Clutch pedal learning
CNG/Gasoline Forced Fuel Type
Collect Immobilizer Data
Column switch module substitution
Combined Rear Lighting
Compass Calibration
Component Air Mass/Pressure/Ride Height Readings
Compression Test
Compression Test (Engine NOT Running)
Compressor Circuit Test
Configure BUX Headlamp Parameters
Configure Door Locks
Configure IBS for Stop-Start
Configure License Plate Size
Configure Suspension Type
Constrain Battery Power Limits
Control unit reprogramming
Cool Down Test
Coolant Three Way Valve Test
Cooled EGR H-Bridge Valve System Test
Cruise Control Data
CTM PROXI Configuration
CVPM Service Calibration
Cylinder Balance Test
Cylinder Fuel Quantity Correction Test
Cylinder Performance Test
Deactivation of the Power Limitation function
Decklid Liftgate Relay
DEF (Reductant) Doser Prime Override Test
DEF (Reductant) Doser Pump Override Test
DEF (Reductant) Pressure Line Heater Test
DEF (Reductant) Pressure Line Heater Tester
DEF (Reductant) Return Line Heater Test
DEF (Reductant) Suction Line Heater Test
DEF (Reductant) Tank Heater Test
DEF Dosing Injection Quantity
DEF Reductant Doser Prime Override Test
DEF Reductant Doser Pump Override Test
Denormalize Window
Diesel Particulate Filter (New) Initialization
Diesel Particulate Filter (Used) Learning
Diesel Particulate Filter Forced Regen
Diesel Particulate Filter Function
Diesel Particulate Filter functions
Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration
Direct Gear Clutch Test 68RFE
Disable Auto Relock
Disable Fobiks
Disable Key-Alike
Disable KEYs/FOBIKs
Disable Level Control
Disable Radio Clock Display
Disable seat belts reminder
Display Diesel Particulate Filter Values
Display LIN Part Numbers and Serial Numbers
Door Handle Verification Test
Downstream O2 Response Monitor
DPF Pressure Sensor Reset
DPF Regeneration
DPF Reset Option
DPF Reset Options
Dry Dual Clutch Transmission Report
Dual Alternator Enable / Disable
Dual Dry Clutch Transmission Report
Dual Fuel Tank Enable / Disable
Easy Entry/Exit
ECU Restart routine
ECU substitution
EDC16 Report
EGR High Pressure
EGR High Pressure Valve Offset Learn
EGR high pressure valve test
EGR high pressure valve test procedure
EGR High Valve Test
EGR low pressure valve test
EGR System Test
EGR/ECU Self Test
Electric Park Brake management
Electric pump drive unit command
Electric Vacuum Pump Test
Electrical VGT actuator test
Eletrical VGT Actuator Test Procedure
ELSD Quicklearn
Emissions Rolls Test Mode
Enable / Disable PTO Types
Enable / Disable Vehicle Feature
Enable / Disable Vehicle Features
Enable Auto Highbeam
Enable Emissions Rolls Test Mode (FCM)
Enable Emissions Rolls Test Mode (PowerNet)
Enable Emissions Rolls Test Mode (TIPM)
Enable Fobiks
Enable Front Fog Lamp Dropout
Enable Front Fog Lamp Output
Enable Fuel Pump
Enable or Disable Mobile PTO
Enable seat belts reminder
Enable the One Press All Unlock Feature
Enable Trailer Tow Lamps
Enable/Disable Air Suspension for ITM
Enable/Disable DRL
Enable/Disable Front Fog Lamp
Enable/Disable Front Seat Video
Enable/Disable HV Battery Contactors
Enable/Disable Seatbelt Minder Function
Engagement electrovalve PPV1 command (3rd/2nd/Reverse)
Engagement electrovalve PPV1 command (6th/7th/Reverse/5th)
Engagement electrovalve PPV2 command (1st/4th/5th/6th)
Engagement electrovalve PPV2 command (2nd/3rd/4th/1st)
Engine Coolant System Air Purge
Engine Idle Shutdown Feature Enable/Disable
Engine Idle Shutdown Timer Adjustment
Engine Oil Life Save and Restore
Engine On Odometer
Engine Warm Up
Engineering Data Report
EOL Audio Test for VP1/VP2
EPB Service Procedures
EPS Learn
Erase All Ignition Keys
Erase Ignition FOBIKs
ESIM Forced Monitor Test
ETC System Test
ETC Throttle Follower Test
ETM Proxi Configuration
Even gear clutch (K2) control solenoid valve command
Exhaust Phaser 1 Cleaning
Exhaust Phaser 2 Cleaning
Exhaust Throttle Plate Adaptive Learn Position
Exit Logistic Mode
Exit Plant Mode
Exit Shipping Mode
Extend Mileage With SCR Active Faults
Fan activation
Fan cooling activation
FFCM Calibration
Fill Spring From Reservoir
Fire Protection System Activate
First Pass Cool Down Test Results
First Passed Cool Down Test Results
First Passed Cooldown Test Results
Flap actuators learning test
Flash Hazard Lamps On Lock
Fleet PIN Reset
Flexible Oil Change Indicator Reset
FPS Activate
Front Blower State
Fuel circuit purge
Fuel Mean Value Adaptation Initialization
Fuel Mean Value Adaption Initialization
Fuel Pressure Override
Fuel Pressure Override Test
Fuel pump control module test
Fuel Rail Control Test
Fuel Rail Pressure Control Test
Fuel System Run Up Test
General Stop Actuators
General stop for all actuators
Generate IUMPR Report
Glow plug low voltage test
Glow plug preheating circuit test
Glow Plug Test
Hard Top / Soft Top Configuration
Headlamp Delay Time
Headlamps Delay Time
Headlamps on with Wipers
Headphone Test
Heated Seat NTC Validation
Heated Steering Wheel Configuration
Height Sensor Check
HEV Telltale Actuators
HFM Self Test
HIDT Calibration
High Pressure Fuel Rail Test (Engine Running)
High Pressure Fuel System Test
High Speed Fan Test
High Voltage Battery Coolant Fill
High Voltage Battery Drain
High Voltage Battery Negative Contactor Test
High Voltage Battery Pack Under Voltage Recovery
High Voltage Battery Positive Contactor Test
High Voltage Battery Precharge Contactor Test
High Voltage Contactor Circuit
Horn Chirp Duration
HPV Electrical Circuit Test
HV Battery Balance Test
HV Battery Isolation Test
HVAC Cool Down Test
HVAC Proxi Configuration
Hybrid Trans Start/Stop
Hydraulic Circuit depressurization
Idle Shutdown Timer Adjustment
Illuminated Approach Time
Illuminated Entry Time
IMA Quick Calibration
IMA Rapid Calibration
Immobilizer Antenna Test
IMV Electrical Circuit Test
Infared Temperature Sensor
Initialize ABS
Initialize Air Flow Sensor Values
Initialize Cluster Configuration w/o Odometer Affect
Initialize EGS
Initialize EPPM
Initialize EPS
Initialize ITM
Initialize ORC
Initialize Power Top
Initialize Siren
Injector Accelerated Drift Learn
Injector Circuit Test
Injector codes read
Injector Kill System Test
Injector Kill Test
Injector Quantity Adjustment
Intake Phaser 1 Cleaning
Intake Phaser 2 Cleaning
IPC Disable Seatbelt Minder Chime
IPC Enable Seatbelt Minder Chime
IPC Self Test
IPC Service Mode
Isolation Fault Reset
ITM and Siren Communication Test
ITM Initialize
ITM Initialize Siren
ITM Self Test
ITM Siren Test
JK Enable HFM
Key FOB Identification
Key Fobs Linked to Memory
Key Learning procedure
Lambda functions reset
Lambda Sensor 1 Initialization
Last service date
Latch Cinch Test
Latch Home Sector
Latch Home Sector Test
Latch Release Test
Leak Detection Pump (LDP) Forced Monitor
Leak detection pump test
Learn Clutches Contact Point
Learn ETC
Learn ETC (NGC4)
Learn Latch Sector Home
Learn long acceleration Signal
Learn Mis-Fire Adaptive Numerator
Learn Side Identifier
Led display test of gear lever position
Lever release solenoid command
LF Antenna Verification Test
Light Rain Sensor Calibration
Light Rain Sensor Re-Adaption
LIN Anti-tilt Sensor Check
LIN Line Request Check
LIN Request Check
LIN Siren Check
LIN Ultrasonic Sensors Check
Locate Learned Keys
Lock doors command
Lock Ignition FOBIKs
Longitudinal and Lateral sensor calibration
Longitudinal and Lateral sensor decalibration
Longitudinal G-Sensor Calibration
Longitudinal G-Sensor Calibration Test
Low Temp Coolant Fill - Passive Pump
LRSM Re-Adaption
LTM Proxi Alignment
Manual Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Manual DPF Regeneration
Max Vehicle Speed Adjustment
Measure System Air Mass
Midtronics Warranty Code Validation
Mission profile counter reset
Modify Anti Lateral Tilt Sensor
Modify Anti Longitudinal Tilt Sensor
Modify lateral anti-tilt sensor
Modify longitudinal anti-tilt sensor
Modify Volumetric Sensor Sensibility
Modify volumetric sensors sensibility
Most Recent Cool Down Test Results
Motor Resolver Offset Learn
Motorized Throttle learning
Motorized throttle self learning command
MSMD Self Test
MTA Transmission Report
N Position Self Learning
Neutral Gate Test
Neutral Gate Test (62TE)
Neutral Gate Test (Non-RFE)
Neutral Gate Test (RFE)
Neutral Gear Learning
Neutral gear position learning
Neutral Gear Sensor Learn
Neutral Position Self Learning.
Neutral Position Self-Learning
Neutral signal learning
New Actuators
New DPF Initialize
New Engine Installed
Non-Volatile Memory Reset
Non-Volatile Memory Reset (Clear T-Case Adaptives)
NOx Catalyst (New) Initialization
NOx Catalyst (Used) Learning
Nox Storage Catalyst NSC Substitution
Nox Storage Catalyst Substitution
O2 System Heater Test
OCM System Verification Test
Odd gear clutch (K1) control solenoid valve command
Oil change
Oil Change Monitor Type
Oil Life Backup and Restore
Oil Life Data Exchange
On Demand Self Test
Open Door Test
ORC Initialize
Output Short Test
Overdrive Switch Test (Non-RFE)
Overdrive Switch Test (RFE)
Oxidation Catalyst Initialization
P2262 Fault Diagnosis Test (Before Repair)
Particulate Filter Regeneration
Passenger Passive Entry Handle Delete
PCM Configuration
PHEV Enable Emissions Rolls Test Mode
Phonic wheel tooth learning reset
PIN Unlock
Power Down
Power Electronics Coolant Fill
Power on and Disable User Inputs
Pressure Sensor Calibration
Program Left Front Tire Sensor ID
Program Left Rear Tire Sensor ID
Program Network Configuration
Program Right Front Tire Sensor ID
Program Right Rear Tire Sensor ID
Program Spare Tire Sensor ID
Program Tire Sensor ID with TPM Tool
Program Tire Sensor Identifications
Program Tire Size
Program Tire Size/Pinion Factor
Program Variant Code
Program Variant Coding
PROXI alignment procedure
Proxi Configuration
PROXI Configuration Alignment
PTO RPM Adjustment
PTO Single Speed RPM
PTS Calibration
Purge fuel circuit reset
Purge Vapor System Test
Purge Vapors System Test
Quick Learn
Radio Anti Theft Override Test
Radio Anti-Theft Override Test
Radio Clock Display
Radio Enable/Disable Front Video
Radio Hard-drive Back-up
Radio Initialization
RADIO PROXI Configuration
Radio Tone Test
Rail Pressure Control Switchover
Ram Active Air Box Calibration
Ram Active Air Box Test
Ramp Van Configuration
Range selection electrovalve command (PPVS)
RBC Sensor Calibration
Read Digital Encoder Channels
Read Ignition Module (IGNM) Software Information
Read second level micro safety reset event
Rear Blower State
Rear Differential Bleed
Rear View Camera Grid Lines
Record Curb Sensor Values
Reduce TPM Localization Threshold
Regen Brake Control
Regulation of Low Voltage Control
Remote Start Antenna Test
Remote Start Temporary Disable
Report Transmission ECU
Request Anti-Slugging For Air Condition Compressor
Request Check Line LIN
Reset Accelerator Pedal Adaptives
Reset Active Discharge Fault
Reset adaptative parameter
Reset Adaptive Values
Reset Aftertreatment Trip Information
Reset blinking oil life lamp
Reset camshaft adaptative
Reset Clutch Capacity Adaption
Reset Distance Water Temperature
Reset Driven Distance Water Fuel
Reset driven distance with water temperature lamp on
Reset Driven Fuel Lamp
Reset ECU
Reset Enhanced Automatic Oil Change Indicator
Reset Error Free Operation Time to 40 Hours
Reset gear configuration
Reset High Voltage Impact Event
Reset Inhibiting Timer
Reset learn flag wheel tooth
Reset Learned Adaptives
Reset Mass Airflow Values
Reset Memory
Reset NOx Adsorber Counts
Reset Odometer
Reset of Data group
Reset of Lambda values
Reset of O2 Values
Reset of SCR Long Term Adaptation Factor
Reset Oil Change Indicator
Reset Oil Change Light Service Information
Reset Parameters to Default
Reset phases front
Reset Pressure limiting Valve Accumulators
Reset PTU Shift Counter
Reset RDM Shift Counter
Reset Regen Filter Timers
Reset Regenerative Filter Timers
Reset Service Information
Reset VCM Adaptives
Reset vehicle configuration
Reset Weld Check Fault
Reset WIN Configuration
Reset Wrench Light Service Information
Reset Zero Fuel Quantity Calibration
Resetting distance travelled with Water in diesel warning lamp ON
Resetting distance travelled with water temperature warning lamp ON
Resolver Offset Learn
Resolver Offset Learn Trigger Test
Restore BCM PROXI Configuration
Restore Factory BCM PROXI Configuration
Restore Vehicle Configuration
Reverse Gear Clutch Test - 62TE
RFH immobilizer antenna test
RFH locate learned keys
RFH_TPM program left front tire sensor Id
RFH_TPM program left rear tire sensor Id
RFH_TPM program right front tire sensor Id
RFH_TPM program right rear tire sensor Id
RFH_TPM sensor rolls tests
RFH_TPM Update FF_FR Axle Nom Tire Press Val
Rollover Detection
Rollover Detection TRW Only
ROW Map Configuration
SCR DEF Dosing Injection Quantity
SCR DEF Tank Fluid Level Reset
SCR Extend Mileage W Active Fault
SCR First Fill
SCR Reset Options
SCR System Catalyst Reset
Seatbelt Alert Minder
Secondary Air Service Test
Self Learning Motor Test
self learning motors test
Self learning throttle body
Self Learning Working Mode
Self Test
Self-adaptive parameters reset
Self-learnt functions reset
Sensor Connectivity and HMI Test
Sensor Rolls Test
Service Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Service Procedures
Service Single Pole Calibration
Set Axle Type
Set Engine RPM
Set Max Cruise Speed
Set Max Vehicle Speed
Set Oil Dilution Mass Value
Set Oil Type
Set PTO Max Vehicle Speed
Set Ride Height Level
Set RPM System Test
Shift Lever Position Test
Siren Check LIN
Siren Command
Siren Test
Sliding Door Close Test
Sliding Door Open Test
Sound Horn on Lock
Sound Horn on Remote Start
Speed Limiter
Spring Deflate to Atmosphere
Spring Deflate to Reservoir
Startup with CODE CARD
Static Test
Stationary Catalyst Sulfur Purge
Stationary Desoot
Steering Angle Calibration
Steering Angle Sensor
Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
Stop All Actuator
Stop Start Confirmation
Store Learned Adaptives
Sunroof Initialization
Swap Line Test
Swirl Control Learn
System Functionality Test
System Pressure Measurement
System Wiring Test
Take Out of In Plant Mode
TCC Break-In
TCM Initialization
TCM Reset Adaptive
TCM Store Adaptive
Temporary Remote Start Disable
Temporary Tip Start Disable
TGW Tone Test
Thermistor Test
Throttle Body Self Learning
Throttle Body Self-Learning
Throttle Follower Test
Throttle Valve Actuator
Throttle Valve Actuator (TVA) DC Motor test
Throttle Valve Learn
Throttle valve test
Tilt Mirrors in Reverse
Time Controlled Spring Fill
Tip Start Temporary Disable
TIPM Enable Emissions Rolls Test Mode
TLC Learn
Tone Test
Torque Converter Clutch Test
Tow Hook Enable
tow hook exclusion
TPM FGA PROXI Configuration
TPM Sensor Position Parameter Update
TPM Sensor Rolls Test
TPM Trigger Module Test
TPMS calibration
TPMS reset calibration
Trailer Hook presence disabling
Trailer Hook presence enabling
Trailer Tow Relay Outputs
Trans Adapt Reset Trigger
Trans Cleaning Procedure
Transfer secret key to ESL / ECM
Transfer secret key to ESL ECM
Turbo Actuator Pre-Align / Self Calibrate
Turn off Gain Mode Override
UConnect Live apps installation
Ultrasonic Motion Detection Test
Ultrasonic Self Test
Unlock All Doors First Press
Unlock doors command
Unlock Driver Door On 1st Press
Update Front and Rear Axle Nominal Tire Pressure Values
Update Measurement Unit
Update Pressure Thresholds
Update Radio Market Select and DVD Region Code
Uplift Pump Enable
Vacuum Pump Rezero
Valve Body Solenoid Learn
VG Turbo Cleaning Procedure
VG Turbocharger Cleaning Procedure
VGT cleaning and DeNOx time reset
VGT Cleaning DeNOx Reset
VGT Learn
VGT Turbo Position Offset Learning
View Ignition (IGNM/KIN) Part Information
View Last Successful Remote Start Event Data
View Last VTA Trigger Cause
View Last VTA Trigger Cause Data
View Oil Dilution Mass Value
View Remote Start Abort Data
View Remote Start Enable Data
View Remote Start Inhibit Data
View Satellite Sensor Information
View Stop-Start Data
View Uconnect Log Data
View VTA Enable Data
View/Reset DEF (Reductant) Doser Purge Count Reset
View/Reset DOC After Treatment Over Temp Events
View/Reset DPF After Treatment Over Temp Events
View/Reset Duty Cycle Maps
View/Reset NAC After Treatment Over Temp Events
Volumetric Sensors Check
VTM transport mode status
VVL Service Test
VVT System Test
Waste Gate valve command
Wheel Speed Sensor Recognition
Wheel speed sensor type test
Write Left Rear Seat Position
Write Odometer
Write Pinion Factor
Write Right Rear Seat Position
Write Suspension Height Values
Zero Fuel quantity Calibration function reset

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