Standard Package

IFIX-919 Main Unit

Main Cable



USB Cable

Tool Bag

Basic Function

Read Fault Code

Erase Fault Code

Read Live Data

Component Test

OS platform

Linux Platform

Live Data with Graphic

2 Channels Display for Live Data



Screen Display

4.3 inch

Gross Weight

1.8 kg



Basic Functions


1.ABS History
2.Air Bleeding
3.ECB Utility
4.Inspection Mode
5.Reset Memory
6.Signal Check
7.Test Mode
8.VSC/TR(A)C/4WD Control Prevention Mode

Accessory Gateway

1.Lost Communication History


1.AHS Camera Optic Axis Adjustment
2.AHS Shade Angle Adjustment
3.ECU Information Sync


1.Height Offset
2.Signal Check

Air Conditioner

1.A/C Operation Limitation History Count Clear
2.Blower Motor Brush Wear Amount Initialization
3.Refrigerant Gas Volume Check
4.Servomotor Initialization

Air suspension

1.Signal Check

Blind Spot Monitor Master

1.BSM Master Abnormal History
2.BSM Master Beam Axis Adjustment
3.BSM Master Beam Axis Display
4.BSM Master Beam Axis Inspection

D-Door Motor

1.Reset Memory

Diagnostic Recorder

1.Diagnostic Recorder Information Display


1.Abnormal Operation History
2.Signal Check
3.Torque Sensor Adjustment

Engine and ECT

1.A/T Code Registration
2.A/T Code Reset
3.AF/O2 Sensor Operation
4.All Readiness
5.Check Mode
6.Fuel Density Learning Value Reset
7.Reset Memory
8.Switch Oil Maintenance Display

FC External Power Supply

1.Check Mode
2.READY ON Prevention Cancel (Power Feeding Relay)

Four Wheel Drive

1.4WD Control Prevention Mode
2.Reset Memory
3.VSC/TR(A)C/4WD Control Prevention Mode

HL Auto Leveling

1.ECU Information Sync
2.Height Sensor Initialization

HV Battery

1.Check Mode

Hybrid Control

1.Air Bleeding
2.Check Mode
4.Inspection Mode
5.Reset Memory

Lane Departure Alert

1.Recognition Camera Axis Adjust
2.Recognition Camera/Target Position Memory

Lane Keeping Assist

1.Camera Axis Adjust
2.Camera/Target Position Memory

Laser Cruise

1.Beam Axis Adjustment
2.Laser/Radar Cruise Initialization

Main Body

1.Wireless Door Lock Diagnosis Mode

Navigation System

1.Bluetooth Connection History
2.Camera Synchronous Error History
3.Map Information
4.Optical Disc Error History
5.Software Error History
6.Video Device Connection Check
7.Wi-Fi Connection History

Occupant Detection

1.Sensitivity Check


1.Control Mode
2.History Clear
3.PCS Image Information Clear
4.PCS Image Record Setting
5.Recognition Camera Axis Adjust
6.Recognition Camera/Target Position Memory

P-Door Motor

1.Reset Memory

Plug-in Control

1.Check Mode

Power Source Control

1.Auto Power OFF Cancel

Pre- Collision 2

1.Camera Axis Adjust
2.Camera/Target Position Memory
3.Control Mode
4.Front Beam Axis Adjustment
5.Front Beam Axis Misalignment Reading
6.Front Beam Axis Offset Reading
7.History Clear
8.Recog ECU H Temp Hist Reset

Radar Cruise

1.Beam Axis Adjustment
2.Laser/Radar Cruise Initialization

Remote Engine Starter

1.Remote Engine Starter ID Registration
2.Remote Engine Starter Initial Registration
3.Trouble Factor Code Clear

RL-Door Motor / RR-Door Motor

1.Reset Memory

Sequential M/T

1.Parts Exchange

Smart Key

1.Wireless Door Lock Diagnosis Mode

SRS Airbag

1.Check Mode
2.Signal Check


1.DCM Operation History
2.DCM Service

Tire Pressure Monitor

1.ID Registration
2.Signal Check
3.Tire Position Write

How to test the car
Why no latest version displayed after download?
The car model on the update list will not be displayed once it is updated to the latest version.
Why cannot install the Autek IFIX series update client correctly?
After installing the Autek IFIX Series Update Client software, the system won’t accept the serial number for the auto scanner.
Note: You need to connect the auto scanner to PC with the USB cable before software download.
How to do if the screen displaying Incomplete parameter (MCUID)?
The information “Incomplete parameter (MCUID)” will be displayed during the software update.
Please check the following settings:
1. Have you connected to PC with USB?
2. Have you installed anti-virus wall?
Note: We strongly recommend you to close the anti-virus software during the update.